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About Project UP

Our team is unique. Just like you.

Our Values

We believe that Life is best lived with knowledge and intention and that people create their best lives by seeing the whole, not just siloed areas of Life.

We believe that the one thing we cannot choose in Life is Death. Death is currently more difficult and frightening than it needs to be.

We believe our lives are the consequences of our choices, decisions, actions, and inaction.

We believe it is best to start the “hard” conversations before it is a “hard-time” – when it is not so emotionally / mentally / financially challenging.

We believe that with intention, transparency, clarity, and connection we can work together to link aspects of Life that make the journey and its inevitable conclusion – Death – better.

Our vision is our guiding compass

Our vision is to radically shift the way people think about life’s transitions and aging by energizing them to articulate and then better meet their life goals.

Our mission is to help people, where they are in life, to navigate and connect the aspects of living, aging, and dying well so they can live in the present with more intention and peace of mind.


We are passionate about helping people through expectant times and hard seasons. Our unique combined expertise helps to ensure every aspect of your life is considered in a comprehensive plan for life now, transitions, and death.

Peace of Mind

Our team helps you create, convey, and fulfill your “today-goals” and your end-of-life goals.  When its time, we help implement your wishes or those of loved ones who have passed.

Suzannah Pogue financial planning

Suzannah Pogue

Suzannah B. Pogue is a graduate of the Emory University School of Law. She has 25+ years of progressive, results-driven process improvement and operational experience resolving complex business and legal issues. Most recently, Suzannah provided leadership to several healthcare start-ups, ranging from healthcare regulation, insurance payment processes, health-tech, and patient experiences. While helping family and friends with end-of-life-issues, Suzannah saw preventable problems in estate plans and gaps in personal financial wellness goals. She is passionate about helping individuals and families avoid similar issues and live their best lives.  Suzannah is currently pursuing a certified financial planner designation.

Sandy Jones Project UP Financial Planning

Sandra Jones

Sandy is a CPA and an experienced financial executive with nearly 4 decades of leadership in global Fortune 1000 insurance, tax, and financial institutions including: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, Altria Group, Genworth Financial, and Arthur Andersen.  Since retiring from the corporate world in 2018, Sandy is fulfilling her dream to start a personal finance consulting business to help individuals and families with their financial and tax related needs. Gaining the confidence and trust of her clients, Sandy guides them through the process of evaluating and solving for financial and tax related concerns that best support individuals and families throughout the aging process.

Start Today.

Your Life Today.  Your Legacy Tomorrow.