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Financial Wellness Services

Discover your financial wellness with us, where age is no barrier to crafting a secure future.

At 19 or 99, create a roadmap for your financial wellness. Secure your future by prioritizing financial wellness today.

Financial Analysis

Create a personalized cash flow and net worth analysis (CFNWA). Identify sources of income and expenses & project how much money is available for your life. Learn about financial “levers” you can utilize. Plan for goals such as buying a house, funding retirement, planning trips, caring for aging parents, etc.

Starting at $1250

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Project UP Plan (PUP)

The PUP is a detailed roadmap with action items. After listening to goals & concerns, and reviewing information provided, the team creates the PUP with action items related to achieving the specific goals of the individual or family, that may include building wealth, implementing lifestyle, planning for end-of-life, and other life goals.

Starting at $1250

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Complete PUP Actions

The service helps clients turn their PUP into results. We will complete the next step(s), tasks, actions, etc. identified in the PUP. This helps clients who do not have time or feel burdened to move forward. We can assist on an hourly or project basis. You are always in control of how much work you do and what you want us to help you with.

Hourly Rates or Project Based

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“Project UP saved my life and reduced my angst around managing my family’s money and assets! Sandy and Suzannah are knowledgeable, approachable, and sensitive around issues of money fears, confusion, and my favorite money coping strategy—denial and not looking.”

D.B.New York

“Project UP is so wonderful. I really did not know how to organize my life's many facets. They guided me about what I needed to do financially as well as many other things including a will and healthcare surrogate.”


secure your future

secure your future

secure your future

secure your future

secure your future

prioritize financial wellness

prioritize financial wellness

prioritize financial wellness

prioritize financial wellness

prioritize financial wellness

We understand that every financial journey is powered by various levers, some small and subtle, others robust and impactful. It's about understanding these levers, their sequence, and how to maneuver them effectively.


Our expertise lies in navigating these with precision. By delving into the intricacies of your financial tapestry, we develop a tailored roadmap that not only addresses your current needs but seamlessly adjusts to your evolving goals. Flexibility is at the heart of our approach, ensuring that when life shifts, your plan adapts to keep you on track.


Uncover the power of your financial story with our expert guidance. Through engaging conversations and thorough assessments, we illuminate opportunities, mitigate challenges, and set you on a path to financial empowerment.

Let us help.

Be ready for the unknown.

The Unexpected

If the unexpected happens, is there enough money to cover it? How will you pay for it? Which resource should go first to maximize what’s left?

Power of Knowledge

Do I have enough to retire and if so, when? Can I travel more this year or upgrade my plans? What resources do I have that can help me in a crisis and still be available for me and my family later in life?

Financial Map

Have you built a financial map that shows the creative levers you can use to weather life’s transitions and meet your life goals?

Our focus is not just on numbers but on understanding the unique narrative behind your financial worth.

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Experience the transformative impact of our Financial Wellness service through real-life examples.

retirement planning

Building Net Worth

Understand and better control your finances with our personalized cash flow and net worth model.  Clients have been able to better manage sources of incomes and change strategies to more quickly meet financial goals, such as buying a house, travel, paying off debt, reallocating to higher yield investments, just to name a few.
debt management

Debt Management

A high earner who still struggled to make ends meet discovered effective debt management strategies and also uncovered financial imbalances in cohabitating expenses, leading to changes than ensured a more balanced and fair distribution of responsibilities between the partners and a reduction in the high earner’s debt.
nest egg, long term savings

Long Term Goals

Clients were guided through a series of questions to help them articulate their goals, and then aided in making informed decisions about using retirement funds, maximizing tax benefits, and creating a comprehensive estate plan that not only secured their future but also left a lasting legacy for their loved ones.

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Your Life Today.  Your Legacy Tomorrow.