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Life Wrap

Helping you increase your prosperity today and plan for your legacy tomorrow.

Life Wrap is your comprehensive companion in the journey of life, seamlessly weaving together financial wellness and strategic planning to realize your personal aspirations and safeguard your legacy.

Life Wrap Bundle

Design and implement a holistic plan that wraps around your life today and your plans for tomorrow.

Financial Analysis: Create a personalized cash flow and net worth analysis (CFNWA). Develop your personalized analysis and model, understand your financial “levers”, run “what if” scenarios, plan for your life’s goals.

Project UP Plan (PUP): Create a personalized, detailed roadmap with action items related to a holistic review of your life now and your goals for the future.

Complete PUP Actions: Turn your PUP into results. Complete the next step(s), tasks, actions, etc. identified in the PUP and measure results.

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“Sandy and Suzannah have demonstrated tremendous professional knowledge in assisting me with estate settlements, real estate, taxes and other financial problems. Their energetic work on my behalf was a great relief to me, not to mention the personal touch in all these matters. I have complete trust and confidence in them.”


“Suzannah and Sandy helped my Uncle with estate planning, selling his home to move to another state, yearly taxes, monthly budgets, etc. My Uncle went through an enormous amount of life changes in a short period of time which caused a tremendous amount of stress. Their professionalism, knowledge, care and communication were above and beyond, and I cannot thank them enough for a smooth and stress-free experience for my Uncle and our family.”

AnneNorth Carolina

safeguard your legacy

safeguard your legacy

safeguard your legacy

safeguard your legacy

safeguard your legacy

your comprehensive companion

your comprehensive companion

your comprehensive companion

your comprehensive companion

your comprehensive companion

It's not just about securing your financial future; it's about empowering you to plan for life's milestones, whether it's welcoming a new family member, embarking on dream vacations, investing in a second home, or preparing for retirement.

All Life’s Moments

We understand that life encompasses both joyous and challenging moments, which is why our service also delves into both your merry adventures and the critical aspects of end-of-life planning, allowing you to make decisions about living fully today, and the commemoration of your life in the future.

Your Safety Net

By intertwining various facets of your life, such as financial, legal, healthcare, and social considerations, we strive to create a robust safety net – a Life Wrap – that anticipates potential hurdles and enables you to live life on your terms, with confidence and peace of mind.

Let us help.

Be ready for the unknown.

No Silos

Take a look at all the aspects of your life. What are the interactions? How does a decision in one area impact another?

Your Protective Wrap

Anticipate joys and challenges of life, and actively plan how to meet them by knowing what your resources are and strategies to deploy them.

Peace and Prosperity

Create abundance in your life and develop peace of mind when you intentionally face the things that matter most to you and have the confidence to adjust to life's journey.

We help individuals & families preserve peace of mind now and for the future.

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financial wellness and strategic planning

With our holistic approach, we aim to create a comprehensive wrap around your life that not only prepares you for life’s uncertainties but also empowers you to cherish every moment, knowing that your financial, personal, and end-of-life wishes are in capable hands.

Creating life goals with a financial advisor

Your Life's Goals

We assist in navigating the intricacies of your wishes and the handling of your affairs today and at your death.  What are your goals today?  How might they differ tomorrow or under “what if ” scenarios? Do all your documents, family, and trusted advisors have the same understanding and power to act as you wish?
Life planning torch your financial goals

Roadmap with Signposts

Create a detailed and actionable plan to meet your goals.  Understand the potential impacts of choosing one turn in the road verses another.  Gain knowledge about the risks and rewards when you use your resources. Build confidence by planning several strategies to meet your goals.
older couple adapting to life transitions

Adapt to Life Changes

As your Life changes so will you.  Your Life Wrap is flexible to meet your new or changing goals and challenges.

Start Today.

Your Life Today.  Your Legacy Tomorrow.