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Life Transitions Services

Help me through a tough time, achieve an exciting goal, or take the next steps.

Transitions mark the various milestones in life, ranging from the jubilant to the challenging, the expected to the unexpected. Whether you find yourself in the midst of a rapid or gradual shift, our Transition Services are designed to be your guiding light through the tumultuous journey.

Financial Analysis

Create a personalized cash flow and net worth analysis (CFNWA). Identify sources of income and expenses & project how much money is available for your life. Learn about financial “levers” you can utilize. Plan for goals such as buying a house, funding retirement, planning trips, caring for aging parents, etc.

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Project UP Plan (PUP)

The PUP is a detailed roadmap with action items. After listening to goals & concerns, and reviewing information provided, the team creates the PUP with action items related to achieving the specific goals of the individual or family, that may include building wealth, implementing lifestyle, planning for end-of-life, and other life goals.

Starting at $1250

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Complete PUP Actions

The service helps clients turn their PUP into results. We will complete the next step(s), tasks, actions, etc. identified in the PUP. This helps clients who do not have time or feel burdened to move forward. We can assist on an hourly or project basis. You are always in control of how much work you do and what you want us to help you with.

Hourly Rates or Project Based

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“I have contacted Project UP to ask about all things finance and life planning: EV vs. gas cars, leasing a car vs. buying a car, how to transfer a property to my children before or after my death, do I really have enough money for the future? I would give them an A++++ and I have referred 5 people to them already. Thank you Project UP!”

DarlaNew York

“Project UP is so wonderful. I really did not know how to organize my life's many facets. They guided me about what I needed to do financially as well as many other things including a will and healthcare surrogate.”


get through a tough time

get through a tough time

get through a tough time

get through a tough time

get through a tough time

achieve a goal

achieve a goal

achieve a goal

achieve a goal

achieve a goal

We understand that these times, even when brimming with joy, can be laden with stress and uncertainty, triggering a cascade of "what ifs" and unanswered questions.

Practical Solutions

Our comprehensive approach recognizes the complex nature of transitions, whether they are temporary or permanent. We offer practical solutions tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring that you have the necessary support to make informed decisions during this transformative phase.

Hands-On Support

From simple individual tasks to complex encompassing strategies, our team is dedicated to alleviating the chaos and burdens that often accompany life’s pivotal moments. With our hands-on assistance and insightful advice, you can find the clarity and confidence you need to embrace the changes ahead, no matter how overwhelming they may seem.

Let us help.

A supportive network to help you manage the overwhelming tasks and find solace in the assurance that you are on the right path.

Slow, Fast, Temporary or Permanent

Transitions can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you face a joyful or challenging transition, getting the right support can make the changes easier to navigate.

Overwhelming Questions

Exciting or intimidating, transitions bring questions. What are my options? What consequences may come from certain paths? How do I move forward?

Actionable Steps

Create meaningful, achievable steps that take you in the direction you want to go.

More than just guidance.

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saving for home buying, life goals

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our Life Transitions services through the stories of individuals who have traversed similar paths

healthcare transitions, hospice planning Nashville, TN

Healthcare Transitions

Managing the complexities of healthcare transitions for a loved one can be financially and emotionally draining.  Project UP helped compare different care/living options considering insurance and personal resources, completed financial applications, reviewed and created checklists for moving in, and supported the transition process with strategies for future care as the situation changes.

Loss of a Spouse or Loved One

Providing technical and emotional support during the restructuring of assets following a loss, Project UP helped an aging client reviewed his financial “levers” and discovered that he had more resources than the client expected.  He converted some resources into a new living situation and a home closer to family, and resettled into a community that better served his existing needs and future life goals.
saving for retirement

Windfall Opportunity

After a divorce settlement, a client had additional resources and concerns for “what’s next” in life.  Project UP created a roadmap with several options for managing the existing lifestyle while also preparing for goals related to international travel, investment in real estate, managing a legacy business, and spending time with family.

Our services offer reassurance and practical solutions. In each case, we’ve worked closely with our clients to uncover the best course of action, whether it’s through meticulous planning, strategic decision-making, or providing a comforting presence during emotionally turbulent times. With our help, you can navigate these transitions with resilience and grace, knowing that you have a trusted partner by your side every step of the way.

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Your Life Today.  Your Legacy Tomorrow.