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Before & After Loss Services

Help me plan my final details & wishes or manage those of a loved one.

Before your or a loved one’s passing, our Before and After Loss Services help you prepare and record your end-of-life plans.


After the shroud of grief has fallen, our services support time-sensitive decision making and alleviate the burden of administration.

Financial Analysis

Create a personalized cash flow and net worth analysis (CFNWA). Identify sources of income and expenses & project how much money is available for your life. Learn about financial “levers” you can utilize. Plan for goals such as buying a house, funding retirement, planning trips, caring for aging parents, etc.

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Project UP Plan (PUP)

The PUP is a detailed roadmap with action items. After listening to goals & concerns, and reviewing information provided, the team creates the PUP with action items related to achieving the specific goals of the individual or family, that may include building wealth, implementing lifestyle, planning for end-of-life, and other life goals.

Starting at $1250

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Complete PUP Actions

The service helps clients turn their PUP into results. We will complete the next step(s), tasks, actions, etc. identified in the PUP. This helps clients who do not have time or feel burdened to move forward. We can assist on an hourly or project basis. You are always in control of how much work you do and what you want us to help you with.

Hourly Rates or Project Based

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“I am 71 years old and my husband is 80. We have 3 grown children. Project UP facilitated a family conversation about trusts, tax, wills, and powers of attorney with kindness and clarity. I received a checklist on steps, and we had follow-up appointments to answer questions and receive a gentle nudge.”

DarlaNew York

“We thought Mom’s affairs were in order, but Project UP found several areas of liability that had not been addressed and assets that were still not protected from probate. Working with our attorney, we got Mom's estate back where we wanted it.”


time-sensitive decisions

time-sensitive decisions

time-sensitive decisions

time-sensitive decisions

time-sensitive decisions

alleviate the burden

alleviate the burden

alleviate the burden

alleviate the burden

alleviate the burden

Similar to transitional periods, this time is fraught with questions, chaos and urgency, complicated further by the emotional toll of planning for and experiencing bereavement.

Bridging the Gap

We understand that questions often outweigh answers when planning for or experiencing a loss. In the flurry of activities and fog of uncertainty, actions are required. Our role is to shoulder the weight of these pressures and help lead you to a workable plan.  We bridge gaps and streamline the management of financial matters and estate logistics.


We provide not just practical guidance but a compassionate touch to ensure that even in these difficult times, you can find a sense of stability and support. We help navigate the sensitive issues during an emotional time by hearing your concerns, helping create specific solutions, and resolving outstanding issues.

Let us help.

Your Final Estate – articulating, deciphering, managing, and navigating.

Imagine Your Final Gift

Death is not the end. What are you leaving behind? How will you be remembered?

More than Just a Will

Death creates paperwork and the need for action. Get support for the multitude of logistics in closing an estate.


After death, is it an orderly, thoughtful execution of the person's wishes? Or chaos and strife? What will be your impact on loved ones?

Our expertise lies in filling these gaps.

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Consider the impact of our Before and After Death Services through real-life examples

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Planning a Legacy

Creating a plan to care for you as you make your final journey and to implement your final wishes. Helping you ensure that you have the right people to support you and that your legacy lives on.
after loss services, death certificates

Bureaucracy of Death

The activities after a death can be exhausting and time consuming.  Coordinating the appraisal and sale of a family home and possessions, communicating with beneficiaries, facilitating the acquisition of death certificates, managing social media and subscriptions, closing accounts, and so much more.
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Living with the Legacy

Once someone passes, it is a matter of administering the final details.  Beneficiaries, family, money, things, memories, and emotions swirl together with a whirlwind of activity.  With competence and compassion, helping you find the balance and to move forward.

Our services have played a pivotal role in alleviating the administrative burdens associated with loss. Through our proactive intervention and holistic approach, we aim to provide not just practical solutions but a compassionate presence that helps families find solace and manage their affairs with greater ease during these challenging moments.

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Your Life Today.  Your Legacy Tomorrow.